Photo Shoot

Author: Erin  

Photo shoot day: So it’s been a busy few weeks launching our website Modern Tradition, we were extremely lucky that one of our designers Pichulik had amazing photos we could use to showcase her amazing jewellery on website and social media.  However, our young designer handmade by Fundi, who we found in a trendy market place of Johannesburg did not have any photos, so we needed to organise some model shots for his products. 

Now I will admit, I have never been a part of a photo shoot before so this was a new experience for me and a bit out of my comfort zone.

I contacted Freya a photographer we had used before and was able to get in contact with 3 amazing models.

1st We had Priyanka Pripri a Bollywood star with lots of modelling experience

2nd Setareh Nagoni an aspiring model and actor.  

3rd Our blond beauty and first time model Alisha Williams

Handmade by FUNDI is all about being individual, unique young and fun so our location was the Rocks area of Sydney, their brief was urban chic and the girls nailed it. They came out with so much energy and the just worked so hard and we got so many amazing shots.

Choosing which bags and Jewellery to use in the shoot was very hard since FUNDI uses recycled fabric and patterns which means you will never get the exact same bag twice..

In the end I had to go with my personal favourites.

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