Individual Style

Author: Erin   Date Posted:11 August 2016 

Your individual style is such a personal thing. It’s how you express yourself to the outside world.

Trying to express your individual style these days can be hard, with so many chain stores offering the same accessory all over the country. How can you show your individuality when you know there are   1000’s women wearing the same piece as you, all from a production line, pumped out of a sweatshop, no soul, no life and no love?

Morden tradition focuses on finding designers who focus on individuality, who hand create unique statement pieces. While being ethically sourced and made.

Handmade by FUNDI is an up and coming designer, we found his work in a trendy market place in Johannesburg South Africa. He uses only recycled cow leather and traditional African cotton fabric, when crafting his handmade handbags, meaning you will never get the exact same end product twice.

Fundi and his co-worker’s hand stitch each bag, in his small studio in Joburg.  He is a true artisan and loves using the recycled material to create one off style pieces.

Our other Artisan products are PICHULIK by Katherine- Mary from Cape Town who is amazing designer, we found her work in fashion forward area of the VA Waterfront.  She has only been around for a few years but has been making news all over the world, but here in Australia we have not been lucky enough to be exposed to much of her work.

Katherine Mary was inspired through her travels, after seeing the intimate relationships around the world between women and their jewellery. PICHULIK are handmade pieces inspired by old traditional African and middle eastern / Indian designs. They are bold statement pieces to match the bold brave women who wear them. Each piece is uniquely feminine yet strong.

There is so much individuality in each of their collections, each piece of jewellery and handbag is so special and unique, all impeccably made.

Get of the production and line and find something that is unique as you are. 

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